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HT2 Race Evolution Team Kit 2009

The HT2 Race Evolution Team Kit 2008 has been improved and optimised in noted areas for the new competitive season in 2009. Numerous test runs, particularly under racing conditions, prove that the HT2’s 2009 team kit– with its superior manufacturing quality, reliability, chassis, and precision – is ready to defend its position as THE 1:6 competition vehicle.

In order to improve performance of the HT2, the weight of the control arms on the front and rear axle has been reduced, while durability is simultaneously increased through the use of high quality duralumin. The weight of the suspension arms on the front axle is thereby reduced by 20g per arm (a total of 80g), while the weight of the rear axle suspension arms is reduced by 30g per arm.

A further highlight is the new generation of shock absorbers – initially developed a few years ago, this technology has now been perfected. The shock absorber housing was hard anodized using an elaborate technique, the goal being to increase abrasion resistance and optimise the response characteristics. The volume was thereby increased and the spring deflection expanded. Raising the rear underframe allows for a much larger spring deflection range, as well as making possible the introduction of a longer as well as an additional shorter spring.

A and B block are adjustable and with an additional function the body roll centre can now be manipulated. A 5mm chassis plate is available as an optional feature.

The impressive features of the HT2 Race Evolution Team Kit 2009 were reached with precise construction, superior attention to detail, and the use of higher quality materials. The durability and stability are continuously being developed thanks to numerous test drives by the Hörmann Team.

The parts and their materials in detail:

    Aluminium Parts:
  • angled chassis plate
  • motor quick hitches
  • axle supports
  • wider control arms
  • steering stub axles
  • shock absorber bridge
  • shock absorbers (hot anodised)
  • stop pins
  • servosaver bottom section
  • connecting piece for A + B axle support
  • load washer for plastic gear
  • engine flange
  • gearbox flange
  • engine braking plate
  • differential housing
  • differential side panels
  • rear underframe
    Steel Parts:
  • stainless steel suspension pins
  • steel ball for steering linkage
  • tie rods
  • tempered gears
  • clutch bell
  • stainless steel exhaust manifold
  • stainless steel muffler
  • drive shafts
  • ball drive
  • full floating axle for ball drive
  • steel wheel drivers
    Plastic Parts:
  • spoiler made from special plastic, very flexible
  • spoiler holder side panels
  • front ram bumper
  • side bowl
  • servosaver bottom section
  • plastic steering joints
  • main gear made from delrin
  • fuel tank
  • protective collars for the ball drive
  • receiver box
  • rims
  • accumulator retaining plate made from carbon fibre
  • carbon fibre servo plate
    Optional Tuning:
  • tuning chassis plate (5mm aluminium)
  • carbon fibre bracing for bottom plate
  • hydraulic brakes front / rear axle
  • carbon fibre disc brakes
  • spoiler fastening for rubber spoiler
  • steel wheel drivers 9.5mm with pins
  • tie rod retainer
  • retainer for personal transponder

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Manufacturers suggested retail price:
€ 1.999,00 incl. VAT (construction set)

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