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Not only has many years of experience from motor racing gone into the development of the HT3, but a German university has also been brought on board. With state of the art measuring technology, special attention has been paid to optimizing the chassis suspension. The HT3 is the result of many years of work, innovation and obsession with details.

The front axle and the servo saver with dual bearings form a unit. The caster adjustment range has been increased. The inclination of the control arms can be adjusted horizontally. The camber adjustment takes place via adjustment plates. The A support is designed for the use of a sway bar.

The engine, as heaviest unit, has been aligned centrally. Gear box and rear axle are connected into one unit. Engine, gear shaft and the differential can be changed quickly. The toe-in on the rear axle can be adjusted in several stages with the control arms. The central brake on the gear box can be controlled mechanically or hydraulically. The rear axle is designed for the use of a sway bar.

A further highlight is the new fuel tank with 800ml capacity developed by the Hörmann company.

The excellent features of the HT3 have come about through precise construction, superior detail solutions and the use of materials of even higher quality. Just like in the past, the durability and stability are continuously being developed thanks to numerous test runs by the Hörmann Team.

The parts and their materials in detail:

    Aluminium Parts:
  • angled chassis plate (535mm)
  • new engine quick change system
  • quick change main drive shaft
  • axle supports
  • adjustable control arms
  • steering stub axles
  • shock absorber bridge
  • shock absorbers (hard anodized, Teflon-coated)
  • stop pins
  • servo saver
  • engine flange
  • gear box
  • differential housing
  • differential side panels
  • rear shock absorber bridge
    Steel Parts:
  • stainless steel control arm pins
  • steel ball for steering linkage
  • tie rods
  • tempered gears
  • clutch bell
  • stainless steel exhaust manifold
  • stainless steel muffler
  • drive shafts
  • ball drive
  • full floating axle for ball drive
  • steel wheel drivers
    Plastic Parts:
  • spoiler made from special plastic
  • spoiler holder side panels
  • front ram bumper
  • side bowl
  • servo saver
  • plastic steering joints
  • Hörmann fuel tank (800ml)
  • protective collars for the ball drive
  • Hörmann receiver box
  • rims
  • accumulator retaining plate made from carbon fibre
  • carbon fibre servo plate
    Optional Tuning:
  • hydraulic brakes front / rear axle
  • carbon fibre disc brakes
  • aluminium spoiler fastening
  • steel wheel drivers 9.5mm with pins
  • tie rod retainer
  • retainer for personal transponder
  • check valve for fuel tank ventilation
  • tuning muffler
  • spring assortment

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Manufacturers suggested retail price:
€ 1.949,00 incl. VAT (construction set, without engine)

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